Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night I received one heck of a treat.  A ticket to see R&B crooner, KEM. I have never seen him live before.  Have never really listened to his music.  But, after last night, I'm gonna have to add him to my YouTube playlist for sure!  He was sensational!  Great stage presence!  In terrific voice! And dressed to the nines!  His latest cd, INTIMACY, can be purschased HERE!

Goin' My Way?

At 47 yrs of age, the one thing in life I know for sure-for sure is that there are...

Eyes See You

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I can clearly see he's probably survived years of hurt and sorrow.  And the color of his skin tells me that despite the myriad of obstacles in his path, he is probably one helluva survivor!!!!!!  Daddy, can you hear me??? 

I Solemly Declare That I'll...

And I mean this!!!!


My life TODAY is a direct result of the choices I made YESTERDAY.  But as long as I have breath, I can CHANGE my life.  And I still have breath.  So...let the change(s) BEGIN!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"X" Marks the SCOTT

My most favorite male singer in all the world, SCOTT A. PEOPLE, is thisclose to being one of the contestants on America's version of Simon Cowell's gigantic, British hit show, X FACTOR.  I begged told Scott to audition and sent him all the necessary information.  Thankfully, he did PRECISELY as I begged asked.  This, past weekend was the audition.  Well, Saturday, he had to go downtown to pick up a wristband to actually audition on Sunday.  It took 6 and 1/2 hrs to get his wristband.  Then, when he went back Sunday, he was there for 16, friggin' hours!!!!!!!  After he finally sang for the folks, he advanced onward to the fill-out-the-paperwork stage.  After that, he was scheduled another audition for Monday evening.  He went back, sang, and advanced onward to a third audition later this morning!  Geez!  He feels that his voice is tired because he hasn't gotten much sleep.  Did I mention that he has a full-time job??? --- Anyway, I'm sayin' several prayers for him till I see him ON the show!  And, for the first time in interactive, competition shows history, I WILL call and vote for him when he's on the show!!!  'Cause I believe in his talent sooooooooooooooo much!!!!  So, here's to you, MR. SCOTT ANTHONY PEOPLE---a singer who truly embodies that indescribable "X" factor!!!!!  :)

If You're Looking For Trouble...

One of my friends is truly hurting.  Romance issues.  Which have lead  him to snooping issues.  It's a fact that when you search for goodness, you eventually find it.  And, conversely, when you search for deceit, you'll eventually find that, too!  And that's precisely what my friend has "found" since snooping through his boyfriend's e-mails and text messages.  And his "discoveries" are killing him.  How do you confront someone with illicit information you've discovered about them illicitly??  As a rule, if one is driven to invade another's privacy covertly, then it's probably time for two folks to start planning a life apart from the other.  The trust is probably already too far gone to be restored. --- What I know for sure is that my friend has uncovered some information that should indeed be disturbing to him.  But, lurking around and snooping around when his boyfriend is sleeping or out of the house is equally as disturbing.  Of course, my friend seems to only give much credence to what he's uncovered.  Not what he's done to uncover it!  I wish them both well.  I'll be here for both of them once the sh*t hits the fan.  However, regardless what he does with his "discoveries," what will be, will be.  And wrong is wrong.  Whether it's a gigantic wrong or a tiny one.  And any wrong uncovered via a wrong action should be inadmissible in the court of boyfriend/girlfriend law!!  :)

Maybe Next Time

So, the verdict's in!  The winner(s) of last Friday's Mega Millions Lottery jackpot was NOT I!!!!!  It's rumored to have been a group of seven, office workers in Albany, NY.  No one has come forward just yet, though.  Well, I won't hate on the winners, 'cause I had as much of a chance of "winning" as they did.  I've already purchased my ticket for tonight's drawing.  I'll have better luck this time.  Just watch!  :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Crackpot's Jackpot!

Tonight is the Mega Millions drawing!  The jackpot is $312 million!  The cash option is $198 million!  According to my vision board, my Mega Million winnings will be at least $100 million.  Appears to me that tonight I'm due to win this thing!  Well, that is, if my vision board isn't yankin' my chain!!!!  Here's to bein' a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE!!  :)

The Others

I surf the web a lot and see lots and lots of different blogs.  I find that the celebrity-driven blogs are mostly written by snarky people whose intentions are mean-spirited.  And, based upon the comments on those blogs, their readers are even more mean-spirited.  This blog---my blog---is only about what I feel at the moment.  Very seldom will I write about politics.  Or religion.  And the reason for that is because I don't really give much of my energy to either.  And I don't because both subject matters sadden me.  And my life is too short to willingly occupy it with that which saddens me.  Yeah, I know the old adage, ignorance is bliss.  Well, I'm here to proudly professs that that adage is all right with me.  If I can live the rest of my years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds on this planet and never feel sad again, I'm game!  And, dear God, please don't let my blog be like sooooo many others', either!!!

Dinner With Friends

Last night I enjoyed a phenomenal, home-cooked meal with two of my friends.  One of the friends cooked the meal and put every ounce of love he possesses into it.  I mean, I could tell how much he cared.  Oprah always says that love is in the details.  Well, it was abundantly clear to me that my friend had attended to each and every detail.  The bread was to-die-for!  And I'm a true bread freak!  The softer and warmer it is, the better.  Anyway, the main dish was a beef & barley soup/stew.  The beef was succulent and tender.  And generous!  I'm tellin' you, this kid can cook!  After the meal, the "chef" read my Runes and Angel Cards.  And, each time, the main messages for me were to focus on myself (my career) and persevere through this professional/financial rough patch I'm goin' through.  The cards and Runes also spoke of a partnership I'm destined to have.  I suspect professional, not romantic.  Well, either way, my eyes and ears are open to whatever comes my way. --- Being at my friends' place is always warm and comfortable for me.  I truly wish being in their space made them feel the same way.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Youth Is Wasted On The Young

And apparently, SPRING BREAK, too!!!!!!!  :)

Sh*t Happens

One of my terrific, gay friends is currently learning one of life's all-time tragedies:  unrequited love is a real sonofab*tch!

Reading Of The Runes

On two occasions over the past couple of months, two, different friends have read my Rune stones.  The partnership Rune popped up over and over again.  I had never heard of Runes before.  After selecting the rocks, and hearing my friends read to me what my selections meant, I walked away from each reading believing what I've pretty much believed for many a year:  that I am already EVERYTHING I've ever wanted to be.  But that it's up to me to introduce who I truly am to the world.  Plain and simple.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My New Mantra

I shall approach ALL people with an...

La La La La La

I'm sitting in my darkened bedroom, listening to Tanya Blount sing a song titled, Right Here.  The sweet sound of her voice and the melodic instrumentation supporting that sweet voice truly soothes my longing soul.  Truth be told, music and darkness--at the same time--make me feel sooo incredibly strong.  Invincible, actually.

Piercing Gaze

What I know for sure is that looking inward can truly hurt the eyes.  And it's oftentimes hell in a handbasket for the ego, too!!!!!

Personal Reflection #1

Next Week's Itinerary

Plain & simple!!!!


I wanna YOU.

My Truth

If this wasn't the case, I'd be in a whole heap of trouble!!!  :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Truth. The Whole Truth. And Nothin' But The Truth.

No matter how many different ways the message is presented to me, the reality of its meaning is the same:  if I ever expect to earn an incredible living in my professional life, I'm gonna have to take my passion and EXPLOIT it to the max!  In other words:  SHUT UP talkin' about it and JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

79 Years Young

To most of this nation, today is St. Patrick's Day.  To my siblings and me it has always been Mama's birthday.  So, I say to the nation, "Happy St. Patrick's Day."  To my siblings and the beloved memory of an ol' freckle-faced gal named, MISS JUANITA, I say, "Happy Birthday, Mama!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not What It Should Be

I live in Los Angeles.  Millions of people live here.  And, of those millions, maybe less than 1% accepts aging gracefully.  People have their eyelids nipped.  And their stomachs.  And their thighs.  And their ears.  Hair is colored.  And waxed off.  And lasered off.  Birthdates are changed.  Or completely forgotten.  And why, you ask?  Because to more people than I can ever know, growing older is awful.  It's wretched.  It's frightening.  And it's inevitable.  Doesn't matter one's race, creed, color, sexual preference, education, socio-economic situation, gender, or religious affiliation. Every second/minute/hour we exist, we're growing older.  Don't let me sit here sounding like I'm all peachy keen about the process.  'Cause I'm not.  I don't like the hair growing out of my ears.  I'm not tickled pink about the hair jutting out of my nostrils.  I don't jump for joy when I look into the mirror at the creases in my jowls.  I don't feel as giddy as a schoolgirl when I have to run to the bathroom after only looking at a glass of liquid.  Well, don't let me sound like growing older doesn't have its perks, 'cause it does.  The most important/beneficial perk of 'em all is learning to accept what is.  And learning to let go of what isn't.  Yes, my friends, at 47 yrs old, this ol' boy finally realizes that loving and being loved in return is truly the ONLY aspect of life that truly matters.  Truly.  So, since I love and am loved in return, let the hair in my ears and nose keep on growing.  Luckily, God has blessed this planet with scissors, so all's good!!!  Growing older is simply a fact of life.  Nobody escapes it.  So, it's best to accept that...

Walking The Broken Road

I set out on a narrow way many years ago.  Searching for stardom.  Or so I thought.  What I was truly searching for was meaning.  My life's meaning.  It has taken me damn near 24 years to find what I was looking for.  The roads leading to where I am---to who I am---have been winding.  And straight.  And broken.  But my spirit has never been broken.  And it is that spirit that allows me to keep pushing onward.  And upward.  God blessed the broken road that led me straight to...ME.

Daily Doubles

Thanks to the generosity of my beloved, younger sister, Nay, I now have a Nintendo Wii console!!  And I've been addicted to the tennis matches somethin' fierce!  Honestly, I can't stop playing!!!!  Since Nay beat the tar outta me in bowling, I should probably be practicing that game, but I just can't tear myself away from tennis!  Truth be told, I think I'm gonna get off this computer and play a few sets right now!!!  They say where you direct your energy is where you find your success.  Well, I can attest to that assertion 'cause I'm a Wii-certified PRO now in tennis!!!!  If only I could use that same enthusiasm and determination to get a lucrative J-O-B!!!!!!!!!  Haaa!

Right Here

Oh, God, right here I stand.  Take me as I am.  I wanna be whole.  New.  Complete.  In YOU!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bobby's Beautiful Mommy

Last Thursday I went to a friend's mother's funeral.  While sitting in the chapel, during her service, all I could think about was how loved she was by so many.  Call me weird if you'd like, but I enjoy listening to others talk about how they met the deceased and what the person meant to them.  During my own mother's wake, I stood at her casket like I was a security guard.  I wouldn't step away from it.  I wanted to meet all the people who would miss her.  So, when they walked up to her casket for a final viewing, if I didn't know them, I asked who they were and how they knew her.  And I loved hearing each and every one of 'em tell me his/her story.  I clearly see that our lives are comprised of a series of stories.  Most-- great, hopefully.  Some--not so great.  What I know for sure, though, is that Bobby's (the friend) mother was loved and will continue to be for as long as those who love her have breath.  Bobby broke down at the final viewing of her body and wailed one of the most sorrowful sounds I've ever heard.  I've been in his position before.  I've walked in his shoes.  If he's anything like me and all my siblings, his heart will eventually heal.  And it will always reserve a special place within its chambers to house his eternal devotion to his mother.  'Cause, truth be told, only his mother's physical body is gone.  Her spirit lives on.  Indeed, Dr. Bimkubwa L. Thandiwe, your spirit lives on!!  And on!  And on!

P.S. - And, oh, this fine lady's given name at birth was, JUANITA.  So, you know, for that reason alone, she was A-okay with me!!!!!

Keep Head Above Water

Last Friday, Japan was hit with a massive earthquake, which later triggered an equally massive & destructive tsunami!  There were countless lives lost and many others still unaccounted for.  Last Friday was also my younger sister's birthday.  I never heard her mention this unfortunate occurrence the entire day.  And I don't think I brought it up to her either.  Truth be told, my heart goes out to all those adversely affected by this travesty.  However, on that day, I was more concerned about my sister enjoying her birthday.  And, for the most part, she did just that.  Well, I could've taken her to eat at a different restaurant and she wouldn't have complained.  But, other than that, she had a blast!  --- I hope & pray that all the missing people in Japan are accounted for soon.  And that all those who survived those natural disasters challenge themselves to be gentler and kinder.  Something good HAS to come out of that chaos.  And I know this because someting good resides in EVERY situation.  One simply has to look harder in some situations than in others. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Shade Of Gray

Four days ago I received a phone call from my younger sister.  She chit-chatted a bit, then sprung on me that she was in town and would be over to my place within the hour.  I didn't believe a word of it since she lives in Indiana!  Well, I'll be damned!  She WAS here and she DID arrive within an hour or so.  She's not staying here with me, though, because there's "no room at the inn."  Lol!  She's staying in a hotel next to LAX.  Yes, that's friggin' far away, but it is what it is.  Anyway, I believe she's out now with my friend, Donald.  They went to church this morning and I went to a different one.  I suspect she'll be back over this way when he's done showin' her the sights.  She's a good ol' gal, so I'm happy she visited!  It's a good thing, though, that I live my life fluidly.  I mean, spontaneity is truly one of my best qualities.  I can go with the flow at a moment's notice.  I don't think my lil sis is as pliable, though.  I get the distinct impression that she lives a pretty rigid life.  Well, if that works for her, good for her!  That wouldn't work for me.  Nothing is black & white in my world.  Thus, I admittedly/happily/thankfully live my life in the shade of gray!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back At It

I'm back in the "studio" Thursday night, recording two, audition pieces for the voice-over gig I'm GONNA book!!!!  My sound engineer, Joey Vigour, is tops with me.  He helps me sound great!  I hope & pray that we bag this one.  It'll be our second one!  And a second leads to a third and a fourth and so on!  Yep, the tides they are a-turnin' and I, for one, am sooooooo happy to revel in 'em!!!!  :)   

Monday, March 7, 2011

Uh Huh, Uh Huh, Uh Huh

This past weekend I met a pretty cool chick at the Fusion Film Festival in Hollywood.  She told me she's a songwriter and wanted to get her music out there for the world to enjoy.  Well, I told her I'd look up her first video on YouTube as soon as I got home.  And, lo & behold, I just got around to actually doing it a couple hours ago.  And, man!  I LOVE her song!  LOVE it!!!  So, ladies & gentlemen and ladies who look like gentlemen, I introduce you to the talented and pretty damn sexy, FRECKLES!!!!  And HERE is her hot song, UH-HUH!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Moving Image

Yesterday, I was looking forward to attending The 42nd NAACP Image Awards.  However, life got in the way!  My friend, Ulrich, who was the reason I got an invitation in the first place, wasn't able to make it because the gig he had on All My Children ran longer than he anticipated.  The rule of thumb in show business is this:  if you have someplace to go after filming, the filming will always move more slowly than molasses.  And so it was today.  The consolation prize, though, was that we still made it to the after-party!  I saw all the performers pictured above (although none of the photos above are from the party)!  I don't take pics at parties with celebrities.  I only take them with the people I know and who know me! Anyway, I had a blast.  Free food and drink ALWAYS make me feel good.  I'm happy for all the winners and nominees and all those who will be in years to come.  --- I sort of got reacquainted with an old acquaintance, too.  So, all in all, the night was cool.  Oh, one thing I learned from the evening, though, is that one of my dear friends is living a lie that really isn't a lie after all.  It's actually just unfortunate.