Friday, March 25, 2011

Dinner With Friends

Last night I enjoyed a phenomenal, home-cooked meal with two of my friends.  One of the friends cooked the meal and put every ounce of love he possesses into it.  I mean, I could tell how much he cared.  Oprah always says that love is in the details.  Well, it was abundantly clear to me that my friend had attended to each and every detail.  The bread was to-die-for!  And I'm a true bread freak!  The softer and warmer it is, the better.  Anyway, the main dish was a beef & barley soup/stew.  The beef was succulent and tender.  And generous!  I'm tellin' you, this kid can cook!  After the meal, the "chef" read my Runes and Angel Cards.  And, each time, the main messages for me were to focus on myself (my career) and persevere through this professional/financial rough patch I'm goin' through.  The cards and Runes also spoke of a partnership I'm destined to have.  I suspect professional, not romantic.  Well, either way, my eyes and ears are open to whatever comes my way. --- Being at my friends' place is always warm and comfortable for me.  I truly wish being in their space made them feel the same way.

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