Monday, March 14, 2011

Keep Head Above Water

Last Friday, Japan was hit with a massive earthquake, which later triggered an equally massive & destructive tsunami!  There were countless lives lost and many others still unaccounted for.  Last Friday was also my younger sister's birthday.  I never heard her mention this unfortunate occurrence the entire day.  And I don't think I brought it up to her either.  Truth be told, my heart goes out to all those adversely affected by this travesty.  However, on that day, I was more concerned about my sister enjoying her birthday.  And, for the most part, she did just that.  Well, I could've taken her to eat at a different restaurant and she wouldn't have complained.  But, other than that, she had a blast!  --- I hope & pray that all the missing people in Japan are accounted for soon.  And that all those who survived those natural disasters challenge themselves to be gentler and kinder.  Something good HAS to come out of that chaos.  And I know this because someting good resides in EVERY situation.  One simply has to look harder in some situations than in others. 

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