Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If You're Looking For Trouble...

One of my friends is truly hurting.  Romance issues.  Which have lead  him to snooping issues.  It's a fact that when you search for goodness, you eventually find it.  And, conversely, when you search for deceit, you'll eventually find that, too!  And that's precisely what my friend has "found" since snooping through his boyfriend's e-mails and text messages.  And his "discoveries" are killing him.  How do you confront someone with illicit information you've discovered about them illicitly??  As a rule, if one is driven to invade another's privacy covertly, then it's probably time for two folks to start planning a life apart from the other.  The trust is probably already too far gone to be restored. --- What I know for sure is that my friend has uncovered some information that should indeed be disturbing to him.  But, lurking around and snooping around when his boyfriend is sleeping or out of the house is equally as disturbing.  Of course, my friend seems to only give much credence to what he's uncovered.  Not what he's done to uncover it!  I wish them both well.  I'll be here for both of them once the sh*t hits the fan.  However, regardless what he does with his "discoveries," what will be, will be.  And wrong is wrong.  Whether it's a gigantic wrong or a tiny one.  And any wrong uncovered via a wrong action should be inadmissible in the court of boyfriend/girlfriend law!!  :)

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