Saturday, March 5, 2011

Single White Male

A fella I know and adore told me a disturbing tale the other day.  He told me that he arranged to meet a guy off one of those dating/hook-up sites.  They agreed that my friend would pick the guy up at a train station and they'd go to dinner.  Everything went as planned.  My friend enjoyed the dinner conversation & pizza!  After dinner, they went back to my friend's place.  Being the consummate gentleman, my friend offered his guest a glass of wine.  He poured one for himself, too.  This is where the story gets a little cloudy.  My friend doesn't recall specifically when he left the room, but he must have, because several moments after taking a swig of wine, he was out.  And I mean out cold!  When he awakened, it was 4 AM.  His online date was gone.  And so was my friend's laptop, cell phone and one or two other items.  That's right, the damn "date" obviously put something in my friend's drink to knock him out.  And whatever it was, it worked like a charm.  Luckily, the creep only wanted material items and wasn't interested in taking my friend's life to get them.  Luckily. --- I've heard similar stories from other people I know.  What several of my friends and I have decided is that we have been fortunate that our own online "meetings" didn't turn out the same way.  Theft and/or murder, at the hands of an online "date," could happen to anybody.  My friend told me that this experience has compelled him to refrain from meeting other guys online.  My only hope is that he is strong enough to do just that.  'Cause only a cat has nine lives.  And, thinking back to all the sticky situations my friend has survived endured over the years, I don't know how many he has left!!!

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