Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy Breezy

Today I rolled outta bed, feelin' like I'm ready to make some BOLD moves!!!  I started with my usual, mornin' leak, then called up my landlord and left her a sweet, lil message!  Followed that up with a call to one of my dearest friends, Tyshawn.  Told him how much I appreciate & love him!!  Now, I have calls to make to get myself booked as host of somebody's industrial/game show/reality show, etc!!!  Yes, indeed, I'm feelin' pretty damn invincible today!!!  And, truth be told, I'm feelin' this way 'cause I realize my POWER!!!  Hot damn!  A change in attitude brings about a change in CIRCUMSTANCE!!!  Halleloo!!!  (thanks, Shangela)!!!  Haaa!

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