Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am Superman

As I type this post I find my life being tested on so many levels.  Some might even say, assaulted.  But I am Miss Juanita & Mr. Charles's firstborn son.  I have inherited their genes.  Therefore, strength dwells deeply in my soul.  And indefatigable FAITH.  My friends---Donald, Carlene, Larry and Percy---are holding me to my declaration that I will release my ridiculous worry deep concern about professional success and money.  And my inner voice---my soul---keeps whispering to me that I am ALREADY everything I've ever wanted to be.  That I must simply go out and introduce myself to the world.  And that's precisely what I'm going to do.  --- This ol' boy has a lot of work to do, but when it's done, I'm gonna come out Cam The Victorious on the other side!!! 

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