Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oops, I Almost Did It Again!

Several years ago I forgot a sister's birthday.  I felt so bad I sent her an enormous Mother's Day card to make amends.  This year, I didn't forget it.  Well, I sorta did.  What I actually did was send her birthday greetings two weeks EARLY!  Yep, her birthday is actually on the 19th, but I thought it was the 9th (I knew there was a nine in there somewhere) and sent her an e-card and called her on that day!  She chuckled and kindly reminded me that the 19th is her birthday.  Then, went on to explain that the 19th has been her birthday for dang near 51 yrs!!!  Oh well, I'll send her birthday greetings again on the 19th.  That is, if I can remember!  Haaa!

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