Monday, May 9, 2011

It's A Man's World

I watched Oprah interview Chaz today.  Chaz was once CHER's daughter, Chastity.  And now he's her son.  I remember him as a cute, lil' blonde girl.  Interesting how I continually see that even when people don't have worries about money, they STILL have worries.  And, truth be told, some of their worries are WORSE than worrying about money.  I wish Chaz well.  The one thing all people have in common, regardless of socio-economic status, religion, education, etc., is that we want to feel good about who we are.  And, for all intents and purposes, I DO!  So, I'm gonna spend the rest of the day CELEBRATING this terrific feeling of mine!  Money concerns, be DAMNED!!!  Haaa!

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