Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPRAH Surprise Spectacular!

Yesterday was the second of the two-day, surprise party for OPRAH as she prepares to shudder her show for good.  I loved Monday's broadcast.  Patti LaBelle and Josh Groban sang, Over The Rainbow, and were sensational!  I mean, they moved me beyond description.  Patti sounds as terrific to me at damn near 70 as she did when she was much younger.  She most definitely LOOKS better to me! And during yesterday's show, I truly enjoyed Aretha's performance of, Amazing Grace.  And I liked seeing Gayle, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith, Rosie O'Donnell and Maya Angelou.  But my most favorite guests were the 400+ Morehouse College graduates and undergraduates who received scholarship money from Oprah's foundation.  Oh, what a spectacular moment it was to see them walk out---one-by-one---in darkness; illuminated solely by a single candle that each, young man carried close to his heart.  Oprah wept like a baby at the sight of their calvacade.  And I almost joined her.  --- I'll miss her show.  It has taught me about myself.  And about my body.  And about other people.  And their bodies!  Lol!  She's been an inspiration.  And a contradiction.  And I've loved her throughout all her metamorphoses.  And mine.  Today's show is the finale, so, I'm lookin' forward to it.  I might be still at my background, commerical gig during its broadcast, but I'll eventually see it.  That much, I know for sure!!!  See pix from the celebration HERE.

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