Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Don't Know Me

My younger sister and I oftentimes discuss how you can't truly know anybody except yourself.  And, unfortunately, many don't even know themselves.  I mention this because the recent revelation about my former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, fathering a child ten yrs ago with one of his former household employees, is rocking the nation.  I've heard people say things like, "But they looked like such a nice couple."  And "They seemed to be in love," etc.  The gospel truth is this:  people present to you what they want you to believe about them.  If you pay close attention, then, yes, their true selves are eventually revealed.  My heart goes out to Maria Shriver because I feel confident that his indiscretion(s) probably crushed her.  I'm sure his children probably feel pretty humiliated, too.  In time, all will heal.  But none of them will ever forget.  I know I sometimes paint a pretty dismal picture when it comes to relationships.  Because I don't believe monogamy is natural.  Nor do I believe it is doable; particularly by a man of financial means.  I wish the entire family well.  And I wish people would start being 100% honest with each other about their needs.  And wants.  It is my humble belief that such conversations would save folks from a lot of pain and anguish. --- Life is really somethin' else.  I mean, one moment a couple lifts their hands in victorious celebration; then...eight years later, those same hands are lifted in complete and utter exasperation.  God bless 'em all.  God bless US all.

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