Saturday, June 18, 2011

33 Years Young!!!

When I first met my dear friend, he was 25 yrs old.  And hadn't been 25 for a full month yet.  Now, here it is, June 18th, 2011 and he has been blessed with the gift of celebrating his 33rd birthday.  Wow!  In the past eight years, he's done a few things and seen a few MORE things.  But he's still here.  And that means he still CAN turn his life into whatever he chooses it to be.  Funny how having breath and hope can propel one into the direction he wants his life to go.  That is, if he chooses to do the work.  The key is, choosing to do the work.  I know.  Oh, boy, how I know.  I wish him the happiest of birthdays.  And I hope & pray the direction he's headed is straight ahead. And straight UPWARD!!  God, please continue to bless him.  I love him.  Happy Birthday, T.Y!!!!

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