Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Et Tu, Cuté?

An hour or so ago I returned home from one of my new, favorite things to do:  eating at Yogurtland.  I was accompanied by one of my best buds.  Anyway, while there, he told me about meeting an entertainment agent at a party two days ago.  Apparently, they exchanged numbers and he reconnected with the fella tonight for dinner.  My friend is an aspiring actor.  And just recently wrote a television pilot he'd like to get off the ground. So, his eyes and ears are always open to meeting folks who can possibly help him realize his dreams.  And, as has been the case over and over again, this agent would also like to tumble in the sheets with him, too.  I mean, it amazes me how time and time again he finds himself in these situations.  Yes, he's an attractive guy, but I'm really dumbstruck that folks who can possibly help him always wanna help THEMSELVES to a physical piece of him for their efforts!  I've always heard that this kind of thing happens to women; but now I know men are preyed upon, too.  So, besides the guy I mentioned on this blog a couple weeks ago, my friend seems to keep running into these kinds of sleazeballs, too.  I hope & pray that the ONLY reason I never pulled such a stunt when I could get folks into casting offices is because I simply know it ISN'T the honorable thing to do.  And NOT because I never actually saw any opportunities!!

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