Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good For You

I just listened to a politician in Atlanta announce to his constituents that he's gay.  He called a press conference to do so.  He made this announcement because the ex-boyfriend of his current boyfriend sent e-mails to everybody and their mamas, alleging that the politician used his office to solicit sexual favors from folks.  Really?  Just like some of my ancestors had to be willing to take a bullet or dog bites or risk being lynched so that their offspring, and their offspring's offspring, can be free, some of us gay men will have to do the same.  The day WILL come when NOBODY will hide his/her sexual preference.  It WILL.  So, those who think being gay is an abomination will simply have to live WITH it.  Or leave this PLANET in protest.  Democratic Rep, Rashad Taylor, good for you.

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