Friday, June 24, 2011

True Blue FRIEND

My beloved friend, Gretchen, and her hubby, John, and their absolutely incredible, 13-yr-old daughter, Greer, flew out of Burbank earlier today after a four-day, mini vacation.  And I must admit, their visit was a GODSEND!!!  Gretchen had to work during most of the day, so I spent the days with John & Greer.  We drove all over L.A. and beyond.  I accompanied them to Disneyland, Hollywood, The Grove, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, etc.  We had a blast!  Truth be told, I didn't want their visit to end.  I walked from my apartment to their hotel daily.  And, to many, the walk is quite a distance, but, to me, it was just fine.  If they were staying farther away, I would've walked farther.  Gladly. Walking can only benefit me.  Anyway, last night was our final dinner out.  I selected Asia De Cuba, in Mondrian Hotel.  Oh, how I wish Donald was still working at the hotel, so he could've ducked in and chatted with everybody like he used to do.  But, alas, just like in my own life, a change was necessary and he moved on.  --- I've gotta admit that this week I've eaten like a pig.  Without Gretchen & Co., I'm back to my sardines, whole grain toast and raw broccoli.  Yum.  --- I made sure to send Gretchen an e-mail, thanking her for her generosity.  What appears above are the messages I attached to that e-mail.  God bless her for being such a terrific friend.  And, you know what?  God bless ME, too, for being such a terrific friend!!!  Haa!!

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