Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here's The Deal...

I had an aha! moment earlier today while talking to a dear friend.  Whenever I talk to him, the conversation almost always veers toward answering his question: "What have you done today toward becoming rich?"  I finally told him that when compared to the entire world population, I AM rich!  So, I'm not gonna bust my butt, not sleep and do a million things to have millions of dollars.  I'm going to continue living and loving as I live & love.  What will be mine, will be mine.  And what won't be, won't be.  If/When I meet people who only see me as a job, or a house or car, I'll simply have to distance myself from those folks.  I define me.  Nobody else does.  Yes, I one day want to own my own home and my own car, but until I do, I'm gonna celebrate and give gratitude for this apartment and my FEET!  And also for the car rentals I sometimes get.  I love me.  And I love the me I'm working toward becoming.  Nobody is gonna make me feel less than.  For anything.  I won't allow them to.

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