Friday, June 17, 2011

What In The World...??

In Vancouver, the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and all hell broke loose.  That's the real deal.  What happened afterward blows my mind.  The chaos and utter disregard for others' physical well-being and personal property saddens me.  Are young people's lives so incredibly unfulfilled that they'll do just about anything to make their blood pulsate through their veins???  I hope that video footage of the looting and destruction allows law enforcement to identify many of the fools and apprehend them!  They SHOULD pay for the damage they created!  I'm tellin' you, the more years I live on this planet, the more I think being a human being ISN'T the best slice of the earthly pie!! --- At least ONE couple, though, managed to ignore the chaos and get back to what human beings ARE supposed to be doing!  :)  :)

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