Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daddy & I

Last Sunday I treated myself to the new film, A BETTER LIFE.  It's the story of a Mexican immigrant who longs to build a better life for himself and his fourteen-yr-old son.  The film tells the story of a former, Mexican day-laborer in Los Angeles who is hired by another Mexican who built a gardening business from scratch.  When the employer decides to retire and move back to Mexico, he ofters to sell his business to the former day-laborer.  After that, all chaos ensues.  While I sat in the movie, all I could think about was my father.  How he worked like a dog to make a better life for my siblings and me.  And I thought about myself.  How my immaturity prohibited me from seeing how incredible my father was at the time.  The teenaged boy in this film was equally as immature as I was.  'Cept, back then, I would never have spoken to my father like the kid oftentimes did.  And I would never have thought to cut school.  Anyway, by the film's end, my heart was broken into a million, little pieces.  I understand why this country has to be strict about immigrant migration, but geez, the father in this film was sooooo kind and hardworking.  And what an incredible moral fiber he possessed.  He did the right thing even when doing the right thing wasn't to his benefit.  That takes a REAL man to live such a life.  And my father was INDEED a REAL MAN!!!  The REAL(est)!!!  :) --- I hope this film makes its money back.  'Cause it's a terrific story.  And those in this country who don't truly see the Mexicans here, would learn a lot from this film.  I sincerely hope they see it!!!

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