Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reach Out And Touch

Every day I see more and more that people are hurting.  Financially.  Emotionally.  Professionally.  Just sorrow everywhere I turn.  And I have to ask myself...why?  With all the resources on this planet, why are people going without?  Without self-esteem.  Without food.  Without shelter.  Simply without.  I suspect the reason is that helping our fellow man isn't as important to most as acquiring material possessions.  If I were currently living my professional dream, I wonder what I'd think of all the despair I see around me.  Could I be so tuned in to the hurt and pain I see because I'm feeling some myself?  Perhaps.  But, either way, I see what I see and want to do what I can to ease some of the misery people believe they're enduring.  I hope & pray the volunteer work I do at the assisted-living residence affects some of the residents and staff in a positive way.  Surely my work there isn't in vain.  I hope & pray that, although professional success hasn't embraced me yet, that it's on the way.  Surely my journey toward it isn't in vain.  I hope that all the young & "older" brothers and sisters I know who are striving to earn a living as actors/writers/directors, etc., aren't striving in vain.  No adult wants to move back in with his/her parents because they can't make it out here on their own.  Positive self-esteem is NOT born that way.  --- Whatever the future brings, I fully intend to keep living and loving as freely and openly and compassionately as I currently do.  And, whether I have two dollars in my pocket or two million, I intend to continue extending a helping hand to those I deem worthy of receiving one.  Yes, I have to make that judgement call.  I am a SURVIVOR.  For that, I am thankful.  It's high time I transition into being a THRIVER!  'Cause living my BEST life is lonnnnnng overdue!!!! 

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