Thursday, July 7, 2011

We Live & We Learn

A couple nights ago, during one of my usual, late-night strolls to Universal Studios, I ran into a fella I originally met seven-nine years ago.  Back then he was one of the "young & beautiful" people in Hollywood.  Always surrounded by a posse of other young & beautiful people.  The belle of the ball, so-to-speak.  Fast-forward to today and his life has come full circle.  To the outside world looking in, his life is probably a letdown.  To him, though, it's a revelation!  You see, back when he was living the "high" life (figuratively & literally) he was drinking & drugging to excess.  In fact, seven years ago, he was driving drunk and flipped his car upside down into a ditch off the freeway.  He had a passenger riding with him who was already knocked out before the accident.  When the dust settled, both were still alive, but the passenger later sued him and won a $6000 judgment.  The guy I know, through the grace of God, walked away from the accident with his life.  Of course his driving privileges were taken away from him.  And shortly thereafter, all the "beautiful people" he thought were his friends walked out of his life, too.  They laughed at him behind his back.  His spirit was broken into a million, little pieces.  --- When I saw him the other night, we discussed what he's learned about all the craziness he once invited into his life.  And, from what he told me, he's learned a lot.  He's learned that he's MORE THAN a beautiful face & body. And more than being seen at the "best" parties and knowing the "best" people.  He's learned that very few people truly have his best interests at heart.  Well, I wish the best for him.  As I wish the best for everybody.  I gave him a huge hug and told him that now that he seems to love himself, he'll no longer tolerate the kind of "friends" he once had.  And he'll no longer participate in self-destructive behavior.  If we live long enough, we certainly learn what works for us and what doesn't.  The key is making the necessary adjustments so that what works for us is what we experience most.  And, truth be told, the choice is solely OURS for the making!!!

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