Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Like Mimi

Some 20 years ago, I spoke on the phone to an aspiring, recording star who was in a Manhattan recording studio at damn near 2 AM, working on her first album.  One of her friends, who was also her former employer, let me listen to one of her songs before the phone call.  I was blown away by the power of her voice.  So, her friend decided to call her at the studio so I could tell her myself.  Well, the singer got on the phone and I told her how much I enjoyed the song I heard.  I asked her to just sing a little sample of it.  Reluctantly, she did.  Several months later, I was listening to the radio and heard the aspiring singer's song.  The song was called, Vision Of Love.  The singer:  Mariah Carey.  Fast-forward to last night and I was on Lankershim Blvd and saw a young brotha walking toward me, listening to music and rapping along with it.  I stopped him and wound up talking with him for almost an hour.  He let me listen to a couple tracks he's recorded.  And, honestly, they were pretty dang catchy.  I told him that he'll wound up being my second, Mariah Carey story.  So, just so everybody knows I'm tellin' the truth when he blows up, his name is, Mario.  But his rap group's name is, Paper Mates.  The two songs he played for me were:  I'm A Star and California.  I liked what I heard, so I sure do wish him well!!!!

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