Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Commitment Ceremony

Yesterday was a phenomenal morning and afternoon for me.  I attended the Wisdom Brunch For Men, sponsored by the church I attend, ONE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL.  The number of black men who attended this event was awe-inspiring!  Our pastor, Touré Roberts, and the day's guest speaker, Pastor Sergio De La Mora, of Cornerstone Church of San Diego, were sensational!  The message I walked out of the event with was that my life is NOT where I want it to be because of my lack of COMMITMENT towards making it so!!! --- Pastor Sergio's sermon, derived from the book of Daniel 5:18-28, spoke on the (5) ways to truly recognize "The Measure Of A Man:"

1.)  A man is measured by his ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
2.)  A man is measured by his CHARACTER.
-- "Character is who you are when nobody is around."
3.)  A man is measured by his COMPANIONS.
-- "Tell me who you hang with and I will tell you who you are."
4.)  A man is measured by his COMMITMENTS.
5.)  A man is measured by his CONCERNS.
-- "You know a man by what keeps him up at night."

I realize that my life---on many levels---is not what I want it to be because of a lack of commitment.  Hi, my name is, CAM, and I am commitment phobic.  My body isn't sculpted the way I'd 100% like because I am not committed to working out the way I'd need to to accomplish that feat.  I am not in a romantic relationship because I am not committed enough to do what's mandatory to keep anyone around.  Professionally, my life is devoid of fulfillment because I have not been committed enough to pursue what I want with even a modicum of focus.  Okay, that's not true.  Maybe a modicum.  But not much more.  And, the truth is, for whatever ridiculous reason, I harbor thoughts that I am not talented enough.  Or smart enough.  Or possibly even young enough to be sought after to do what I inherently know I CAN do!!  The ONLY person piling the mud onto my wings that keeps me from flying is I.  Period. --- Well, it's a new day.  And I STILL have breath.  Therefore, I can STILL make changes!  I promised myself after I walked out of yesterday's Wisdom Brunch For Men that CAM Jr IS worthy of EVERYTHING he wants.  Every thing I want.  And I'm going after it!  For the first time in a lonnnnng time, I'm COMMITTING myself to it!  Amen.

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