Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Love

R&B recording artist, VESTA WILLIAMS, died last night.  Her body was found in a hotel room in El Segundo.  It's speculated that she took her life because a couple of empty, pill bottles were discovered in the room.  This story is sounding more & more like another R&B artist who did indeed take her life:  PHYLLIS HYMAN.  It was said that Phyllis took her life because she was exasperated with the state of her career and perhaps the lack of national recognition for her vast talent.  I wouldn't be surprised if we learn soon that something similar was the cause of Vesta's untimely death, too.  What I know for sure is that non-Caucasian performers of all stripes have a hard road to travel if they want to earn a comfortable living from their craft.  And I truly believe the reason is because the people who are in a position to make careers don't look like us.  So, since they don't see themselves or their siblings or their relatives or their close friends when they look at us, they don't have a desire to help us.  I truly believe that.  No, I won't stop pushing forward because I feel this way.  I'll continue marching onward.  But I'll always keep in my mind what's what.  --- Whatever Vesta's situation was, I hope & pray her spirit has sailed upward to complete & total FREEDOM.  'Cause, truth be told, "upward" is the ONLY place complete & total freedom exists.  Down here?  No way!  --- R.I.P. Vesta.  --- Read New York Daily News article HERE.

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