Monday, October 3, 2011

His Lucky Life

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes correspondent, ANDY ROONEY, concluded his 33-yr stint on the show.  In his usual, curmudgeonly way he told his tv audience what was on his mind.  After watching the show's tribute to him, then listening to his final, weekly commentary, all I could think is, "Wow, you talk about a dream job."  And dream job is precisely what his role on 60 Minutes has been to him.  At 92 yrs old, Andy probably doesn't have another 33 yrs to complain.  But at least he knows what it's like to have worked on a consistent basis, earning a terrific living, doing what he loves.  Oh, Mr. Rooney, how I look forward to one day walking away from MY dream job.  I just have to procure/create it first.  Haa!  God bless you, sir!!!!!!  And may He continue to bless your LUCKY LIFE, too!!  :)

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