Monday, October 10, 2011

The Elaborate Exit of Chad Deity

Rylan Williams as "Chad Deity"

Last Friday, October 7th, I finally sat my butt in my Orchestra seat at Geffen Playhouse to see & hear the 2010 Pulitzer Prize nominee for Drama, The Elaborate Entrance Of Chad Deity in its closing weekend.  And, boy, oh boy, was I pleased!  In a nutshell:  I LOVED it!  Absolutely LOVED it!  The writing was worth the price of admission on its own.  As for the performances????  RIDICULOUS!!!  My man, RYLAN WILLIAMS, didn't go up as, "Chad Deity," on the evening I was there, although I wish he had.  However, those who did were SENSATIONAL!  DESMIN BORGES as, "Macedonia Guerra," blew the roof off the place with his immeasurably entertaining, non-stop narration!  The fact he memorized allllllllllll those lines knocked me out!  And TERRENCE ARCHIE as, "Chad Deity," was simply a hoot!  Just as his character was supposed to, the actor had charisma oozing from every pore!!!!!!  If this play ever comes anywhere near your town, don't walk to see it.  RUN!!!!

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