Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soul Stirrer

Jabari Hasani Gibson

Last night, I had a great conversation with my boy, JABARI HASANI GIBSON.  He told me that he read our children's book to a young lady who has his interest of late. She, in turn, told one of her coworkers about the book.  Whatever she told that coworker about the book truly touched something in the coworker, because the woman cried.  Do you hear me?  The woman CRIED!  I hope and pray that means that others will have an emotional attachment to the book, too.  I'm tellin' you, that news made my night.  It's gonna be really interesting to see how this book resonates with the masses.  If nothing else, I'm just glad it gave me an opportunity to compel Jabari to flex his creative muscles more frequently.  Muscles that he hasn't been workin' out as often as he probably should.  He's supremely talented.  His illustrations for the book blow me away!  The dude might look like a stereotypical rapper or somethin', but he's sooooo much more than that!  Sooooo much more!

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