Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Highlight

This weekend I loved my rental---Hyundai Santa Fe!!!  Yep, Hyundai is back in da house!!!  I sure wish I could afford to purchase one for myself AND for my sister, Cheryl!!!  Anyway, I have to return the sucka within the next twenty minutes!  Boo!  I wonder what next weekend's ride will be!!! --- Last night I met up with a dude I know from working out at the park.  He arranged for several of his male friends to meet at the bar he works at!  We had a blast.  It was nice to hang out with black guys who DIDN'T make fun of each other---NOR of others!  Just grown folks having grown folks conversations!  And talking to actor, JASON GEORGE, was particularly enlightening.  We could've talked about the crazy business called, show, all night!!!  SEAN LANDON is The Man for arranging the outing!!  I can't thank him enough!
Jason George

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