Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Write On! Write On!

I have to give a hardy round of APPLAUSE to my friend, BRIAN DURKIN, for being crowned, GRAND PRIZE WINNER, by NEXTV Writing & Pitch Competition, for his tv pilot script, DEEP.  Brian and I met while working as cater-waiters several years ago.  He has always been a serious writer/actor.  More writer than actor since I've known him.  I'm happy for him.  And I feel inspired to keep writing my children's book series and whatever else I care to write!  He and I will NEVER realize our professional dreams if we simply don't keep producing material!  Continuing to do what we love doing is key!  His blog, TAKING THE LAST SHOT, is pretty indicative of what a terrific writer he is.  And how damn conscientious a U.S. citizen he is as well!  Congrats to him!  I hope & pray this victory leads to even GREATER victories!!!!  

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