Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hardly A SHAME


A few days ago my friend, Stephen, was kind enough to invite me to accompany him to a screening of the new film, SHAME, starring MICHAEL FASSBENDER.  I had first heard about this film from my friend, SMERALDA, who sang its praises.  Well, now I've seen it.  And, boy oh boy, am I happy I did!  First and foremost, the film touched me to the core of my soul because I related to the lead character, "Brandon."  I, too, have used sex to make me feel powerful.  I, too, have spent (and still do spend) many nights home alone because something inside me doesn't allow me to make true, meaningful, romantic connections.  And the one time "Brandon" did make such a connection, he couldn't "get it up" if you know what I mean. --- I walked away from the film acknowledging yet again that my life is as unfulfilled as it is because I do and have done NOTHING to change it.  The "Brandon" character will have to make some major, life changes to live a more spiritually and personally fulfilled existence.  And you know what?  So will I! --- When the film hits theaters, I HIGHLY recommend it!

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