Tuesday, November 8, 2011

His Story

The current Penn State scandal is indeed one helluva mess!  Jerry Sandusky, a retired, Assistant Football Coach for the university, was arrested last Saturday for allegedly having engaged in numerous, sexual escapades with woefully underage boys.  Penn State's legendary football coach, Joe Paterno, is being vilified by some for not going to law enforcement when he was made aware of Sandusky's actions.  Paterno did report what he knew to his immediate supervisor.  And, truth is, that's all he was required to do legally.  Those who are upset with him are upset because they don't believe he fulfilled his moral responsibilities for the welfare of the young boys allegedly assaulted by Sandusky.  In my humble opinion, I'm more mystified by the adults who actually walked in on Sandusky's horrific crimes.  Not ONE of them ran to the aid of the young boys and stopped the sexual assaults.  Not ONE!  Instead, each and every one of them ran to tell someone else.  I mean, if they were walking on the street and saw an adult anally penetrating a 10-yr-old in a back alley, would they NOT yell, "Hey!  What are you doin'???  Stop!"  None of the eyewitnesses did a thing.  Each and every one of them simply walked or ran away from the site of the abuse and told someone else instead of interceding.  How could THAT have happened?  How??? --- The whole tale is quite amazing.  My heart goes out to the victims of the sexual abuse.  And, interestingly enough, I feel for Mr. Sandusky, too.  Because that 67-yr-old man has lived with a debilitating "secret" for many, many years.  I have often said that the only person you can ever truly know in this life is yourself.  What others feel and think are only known to us if said others want us to know.  Sandusky's wife didn't know him.  His children didn't know him.  His colleagues didn't know him.  Nobody really knew his story.  Except him.  And the young boys whose lives he's affected for the rest of theirs.  Indeed, Gerald Sandusky's next chapter and verse will undoubtedly read:
Read the grand jury indictment HERE.

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