Saturday, November 26, 2011



I must have been living under a rock NOT to have jumped aboard the ADELE bandwagon ages ago!  I mean, geez, that girl can SINNNNNNG!  I stayed up to the wee hours of this morning, surfing YouTube, listening to several of her recordings.  I have now added several of them to one of my YouTube playlists:  Someone Like You, Hiding My Heart, Don't You Remember, Make You Feel My Love, Crazy For You, Now And Then & Turning Tables.  I love her husky timbre.  And the power behind her voice!  I tell you, if singers aren't able to belt, I'm not usually all that in love with 'em.  I like some folks who keep it calm, cool & collected, but my preference is a belter!  ADELE, I look forward to hearing future recordings.  And I hope you recover miraculously from your recent, throat surgery.  What a COLOSSAL TALENT!

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