Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live Your Life!

The past, few days have seen the passing of boxing legend, JOE FRAZIER, and rap legend, HEAVY D.  Joe had cancer.  It appears that Heavy D may have had a heart attack.  What I know for sure is that ALL of us will die one day.  ALL of us!  Doesn't matter how rich or educated or well-connected we are.  We're ALL gonna die.  Until we do, it's up to us to live the BEST lives we can create for ourselves.  I know this to be a bona fide fact, but acting on it hasn't been the easiest endeavor for me.  I've GOTTA pull it together, though, and start LIVING!!!  This past weekend was a great start, 'cause I spent a full day with one of my most favorite friends, Tyshawn.  I've learned that running around, spending money doesn't give me nearly the satisfaction of simply chilling with people I love.  And who love me.  If I can fill my remaining days on this planet doing just that, I've lived the life of my dreams!!!!    

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