Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday In The Park With CAM

I was back at Griffith Park today and loved every minute.  I prefer to enter the park off the 134 East freeway, Forest Lawn exit.  I always feel sooooo dang good after my workouts there.  I always enjoy observing the bicyclists and joggers and picnickers.  And the random people who simply pull over to the side of the road to read or eat in their cars.  That beautiful park is for everybody.  And everybody can find something to do while there.  Or maybe just sit and do nothing.  I met a guy there a couple years ago who told me that he was lying in the park one afternoon and felt a tug on his feet.  He looked up and it was a friggin' coyote nipping at him.  That would've freaked me out!!!  I probably would've screamed like a little girl!  Haaa!  Well, today I didn't see any coyotes.  I simply basked in the glorious sunshine as I walked and performed incline & decline push-ups.  This 47-yr-old body truly responds incredibly to the rigors of working out in Griffith Park.  If God's will, I'll be back tomorrow after church! :)  

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