Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something New

Last week I had a phone conversation with a loved one.  I hadn't spoken to her for quite some time, so it was great catchin' up.  Truth be told, before I called her, I knew precisely what I wanted to discuss.  But I felt compelled to talk about everything else under the sun BEFORE I got to the subject matter on my mind.  I don't think she was any the wiser.  Anyway, eventually I got down to the nitty gritty.  I asked her about her new friend.  She told me that her new friend had just recently visited her, but had gone back to wherever she lives.  Of course, I had to ask more questions.  And, eventually, I got the answers I was lookin' for.  She and her new friend have consummated their new friendship.  Haaa!  I love the way I just put that.  After one husband, numerous, male lovers, two kids and 50+ yrs of living, my loved one has crossed over into the land of "carpet munching!"  Haaa!  Based upon our conversation, I didn't get the impression she deems herself a lesbian.  Which could turn out to be a real bummer somewhere down the line 'cause the new friend is a full-fledged lesbian.  And a stud lesbian at that!  All I know is that for now they seem to enjoy their relationship just as it is.  Good for them.  My loved one lives life to the hilt, so I hope & pray that whatever she's doing with this new friend only brings joy to BOTH their lives! --- Folks can say what they wanna say about the aging process, but my loved one's recent revelation goes to show that...

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