Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

I've gone out to my favorite store, MICHAEL'S, and bought a gift or two to give to folks this holiday season.  I love that place.  The merchandise and sales are awesome!!  Anyway, I also went to VON's grocery store to buy a bottle of booze to take to a dinner gathering I'm attending tonight.  I parked my car at a Bank Of America because I had to make a deposit first.  I exchanged pleasantries with the security guard who was standing outside the bank, then I went into Von's.  While picking up a bottle of vodka for tonight, I decided to pick up two, along with a festive, gift bag.  When I walked back to my car, I stopped and visited with the security guard and proceeded to give him the other bottle of vodka, already stuffed into the gift bag, mind you!  He was shocked, of course.  I shook his hand, gave him a hug and told him that the only thing I wanted in return was for him to extend some kindness to someone he had never met, too.  Even if he doesn't drink, I hope & pray he'll always remember my gesture.  And, heck, it's not like I gave  him just any ol' bottle of vodka.  The sucka got STOLI!!!!  Haa!  Merry Christmas Eve to one and all!!!

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