Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last night, I watched a riveting episode of The First 48 on A&E.  The story that moved me most was about a 31-yr-old single mother of an eight-yr-old boy who apparently was quite the hard worker.  She and her son lived alone in their house.  One morning, police were called to her house by a neighbor because it was on fire.  Turns out that three, young men had broken into her house, shot her, then burned her body to cover up their tracks.  What did they want, you ask?  Her brand new, 47" flat screen tv and her new laptop.  They shot and burned her so they could steal a tv and computer!!!!!  Really!!!  As I looked at all three, young, black men, my stomach sickened.  How could ANYBODY be so cruel and heartless?  HOW???  Since when has the acquisition of electronic, INANIMATE objects become so important that taking HUMAN lives to acquire them is acceptable???  When?  --- I hope & pray those young men one day realize what they did and feel worse than horrible for doing it.  'Cause what they did was SENSELESS!  And HORRENDOUS!  And SHAMELESS!  

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