Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Stroke Of Good Luck

This past weekend I may have saved a life.  While volunteering at the assisted-living residence, I noticed one of the residents practically face down in her bowl of soup.  I alerted one of the facility's employees, who looked in on the woman and immediately recognized the ol' gal was in trouble.  After engaging several of her coworkers to assist her, 911 was called and paramedics rushed in and took the elderly resident to the hospital.  Turns out she had suffered a stroke.  I hope & pray she's fine now.  Or as fine as can be. --- The employee I first alerted thanked me for being so observant.  Honestly, being on the Alzheimer's floor on that day was kind of tough.  Watching too many of the residents deteriorate right before my eyes each time I'm there is just a bit much to take sometimes.  Young girl scouts came to sing Christmas carols to the residents before I left.  I enjoyed seeing the juxtaposition of the generations there.  The young girls.  Their parents.  And the residents.  If we all live long enough, we, too, might grow to be just like the residents.  The only difference, though, is that most of the people in this country will NEVER be able to afford to live their aged years in a place like this.  Until my day comes, I'm simply gonna keep loving and living as best I know how.  And what will be, will be.  Amen.

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