Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Car From Hell

One of my friends has had a white, convertible Chrysler Sebring that really looked great when he bought it.  He was soooo happy and felt so proud when he drove it off the lot.  Now, some four years later, the car has turned out to be the car from hell!  And I mean, from a hot, fiery hell!  Since he bought it, only God knows how much money he's spent on parking tickets, traffic tickets, collision repair, maintenance repair, theft and vandalism (remember, it's a convertible with a rag top that folks seem to enjoy slashing).  His mother has paid some of his tickets because he couldn't.  Well, a couple of days ago he was pulled over by a policeman for changing lanes a couple of times without using his blinkers.  Turns out he couldn't use his left blinker even if he wanted to because it doesn't work.  When the policeman ran his driver's license, he informed my friend that his driver's license was suspended.  Uh, oh!  The policeman then handcuffed my friend and stuck him in the back of his cruiser.  He had the car impounded.  He told my friend whatever he told him, then uncuffed him and released him. --- My friend has told me that DMV has told him they can't get to his suspended license case till AUGUST!!!!  And his car can't be released UNTIL his driver's license is current.  Uh, oh!  My friend called me today and told me that it would cost him $9,000 to get the car back in August.  The car ISN'T worth $9K.  As far as I'm concerned, I'd simply let it go.  I know he's terribly upset that he's contractually bound to pay the bank until he's paid off his loan---regardless whether or not he has the car in his possession.  My heart aches for him.  But, at some point, I hope he sits alone somewhere and asks himself, "What part do I play in this situation?"  Better yet, I hope & pray he ANSWERS that question.  Honestly.  God bless him.

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