Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friend To Friend

These past, few days have been a celebration of friendship.  My dear friend, SMERALDA ABEL, flew into L.A. to tie up some loose ends left behind when she moved back to NYC almost three years ago.  We got together Wed, Thurs. and Friday.  It was as if we hadn't skipped a beat.  We walked the mountains in Griffith Park and fed our faces at Bob's Big Boy.  I took her to my new fave, Happy Hour joint, The Well.  We talked and talked and talked.  Last night, I even went up to her hotel room and hung out for an hour or so before she kicked me out to get some sleep before her early flight this morning.  All in all, her visit was truly a godsend.  I've already received word from her that she has arrived safely back to NYC.  Before year's end, I just have to go back to NYC for a much overdue visit.  There are a few ol' gals I wanna visit when I get there! --- Whatever becomes of our lives in the days, months, years to come, I hope & pray Smeralda and I remain in good health, sound mind and optimistic spirit.  I wish that for every person I know/will know/encounter!  Amen.

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