Monday, January 2, 2012

Phenomenal Man Is He


Discard any thoughts that there are six degrees of separation.  'Cause, truth be told, I believe there are, at most, TWO!  And let me tell you how I've come to this conclusion:  On New Year's day I went to a home in Beverly Hills for a luncheon. Since I was the only black person there (I just know that was her reasoning), the party hostess told me about driving by her old house in L.A. on Christmas day and seeing two, young black men in the front yard.  She told me that she and her daughter stopped and approached the young men and asked if they could see what the house looked like now.   When she said, "They were a nice, African-American family named, Hamilton," I asked, "Was one of the young men named, Taylor? His mom, Bonnie?"  The party hostess was shocked! She said, "Yes! Do you know them?"  I then went on to tell her how I know of the family.  I met them when I used to work the parties hosted by Pauletta & Denzel Washington in their lovely home.  She and her daughter were absolutely floored!!!  They went on to tell me that Mr. Hamilton had, for a while, filled the same job at Universal as their husband/father.  I tell you, the notion that there are six degrees of separation is a farce!  There's more like ONE!  At most, two! Haa! --- Well, all that talk about the Hamiltons made me want to find out what the older son, TAYLOR HAMILTON, was up to.  When I first met him at the Washingtons' home, he was probably sixteen or seventeen years old.  I was instantly intrigued by his intellect, maturity and graciousness.  As soon as I returned home, I googled him.  And, boy, oh, boy did I stumble upon oodles & oodles of INSPIRATION.  I discovered he has his own website. And that he shoots really interesting videos.  One video, in particular, sums up this young man's incredible life much better than I can describe it.   I've embedded it below. The video also inspires a man old enough to be his dad (that would be ME) to live more DARINGLY and with MORE PURPOSE! --- As the new year has begun, I deem it DIVINE INTERVENTION that reintroduced me to the phenomenal young boy who is now an even MORE PHENOMENAL, YOUNG MAN.  Honestly, if I were his dad, I'd feel HONORED & PROUDER THAN PROUD to call him my son. I know he's human, therefore fallible, but his existence on this planet is assuredly not to simply occupy space.  He has something to say and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way he goes about saying & doing it. God bless him.
Center of Passion from Taylor Hamilton on Vimeo.

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  1. Deity...that's all I can say after reading this incredible encounter you had with this young man. Divine Intervention? Maybe. I truly believe the praise you bestow upon this man should be the same praise you place upon yourself. If only you knew that you too possess these traits and that no one, absolutely no one will be able to inspire them out of you. Only you have the power to unleash them. UNLEASH THEM