Friday, January 6, 2012

Talent On Top

Somebody posted the video below onto Facebook and that's where I found it!  Since then, I have reposted it to everybody and their mama!  Honestly, nothing makes me feel happier to be alive than listening to a singer whose voice sounds as if God is talking directly to ME!  Heck, I won't even attend a particular church more than once if I don't love the music ministry.  I don't have to hear one word from a pastor if I love the church's choir.  Well, I'm saying all this to say that SYESHA MERCADO, who was the third place finalist in the seventh season of American Idol, has got me trippin' over here whenever I listen to her in this video!  I mean, she's just sittin' in a dressing room with her background singers, rehearsing before she sings at some function.  What I hear on this video is living proof that if you've got the goods, you don't need flashy lights, flashy costumes or even instrumental accompaniment.  All you need is a VOICE!!!  And boy, oh boy, does Syesha have a VOICE!!!  ENJOY!!!!!  And, you're welcome!  :) :)

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