Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Movin' Que Down The Highway

Ulrich Que

My friend, ULRICH QUE, has FINALLY made his television, commercial debut!!  Okay, the commercial hasn't yet aired, but we found it today on the website of the production company that created it.  I suspect one day he'll even receive his pay for filming it!  But, that's neither here nor there at the moment, 'cause he's just ECSTATIC to see the finished product!  It wouldn't be kind of me if I didn't share it with the WORLD.  So, here goes.  And take a listen to Jim Croce's, "I've Got A Name," which is the soundtrack to the RE/MAX "Twins" spot!  Um...why didn't this run during the SUPER BOWL XLVI!!!!!!!

Remax from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

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