Friday, February 24, 2012


Over the past, couple of days I've caught up on all the episodes of my favorite, scripted, television show, SOUTHLAND.  Since I don't have cable, I have to watch it online.  Last season, I could watch the show online without any difficulties.  This season, the kind folks over at TNT want me to watch it via a cable company's website.  Uh...I watch it online because I DON'T have cable, TNT!  Well, I figured out a way to get around their request, so I'm back to watching the show.  And, boy, oh boy, is it as terrific as ever!  I'm tellin' you, REGINA KING is one hell of an actress!  Who knew that the little girl from 227 would grow up to be such a talent?  I sure didn't.  Anyway, there'll be only 10 episodes for the season, so I'm looking forward to the remaining five.  The show truly gives me the impression that someone has a hidden camera, filming real cops. That's a testament to the sheer realism of the actors' performances.  

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