Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinner Time

For the most part, I eat pretty darn healthily here at home.  My staples:  sardines, oatmeal, raw broccoli & carrots, brown rice, boiled egg whites (sometimes a yolk or two), nuts (raw almonds, raw walnuts, roasted peanuts, salted sunflower seeds), white kidney beans, whole grain bread, whole grain, dry cereal, skim milk, orange juice, room temperature tap water, olive oil (on almost everything), etc.  I rarely buy meat unless I'm out at a restaurant.  However, in just a few, I'm gonna head over to Ralphs Grocery Store and buy some meat so I make a pot of chili to last me the rest of the week.  I plan to simply take some of my staples and mix 'em with ground turkey and call it a day.  Mmmm, just talkin' about it is makin' my mouth water!!!!!! 

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