Sunday, March 18, 2012

THIS Way To BLISS ---->

Today's church sermon was what it always is:  INSPIRATIONAL!  Pastor Touré Roberts truly speaks to my soul.  And the messages he passes on almost ALWAYS seem to be directed DIRECTLY at ME!  When I walked out of church thirty-five minutes ago, I realized something I've known for quite some time:  I can't move UPWARD and ONWARD if I continue living as I'm living.  No, I'm not drinking too much or smoking or taking pills, etc.  What I've been doing, though, is wasting my time with activities that only bring me immediate gratification and NO long-lasting joy or prosperity!  Out with the old and in the with new is the order of the day.  A new ATTITUDE, that is!  And a new way of doing things!  Part of that "new"way is simply to abandon the OLD ways!  I have sworn off Facebook & alcohol for Lent.  As of this very moment, I've added a few more activities to the list.  Yes, it's a little late in the Lent game, but I'm gonna stick to my guns nonetheless.  Better late than never!

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