Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twist(er) And Shout

Over the past couple days, some areas of the northeast, midwest and south have taken a pounding by tornadoes.  I packed up and moved away from Indiana 24 yrs ago.  I haven't really thought much about tornadoes since.  Well, not until I watch news programs and read headlines on the internet!  I'm thankful my family back in Indianapolis is fine, but my heart goes out to all those whose families aren't.  The devastation left in the wake of a tornado should ONLY be designed by set designers in a film or tv show.  Not in real life!  Yes, here in Los Angeles I have earthquakes and wild fires to fret about.  And I don't like those, either.  But seeing what has become of many families' homes is heartbreaking.  It affirms for me yet again that I should NEVER become too terribly attached to an inanimate object.  'Cause a gust of wind can take it away in an instant!!!  God bless all survivors.  And those who didn't. --- More information about the tornadoes HERE.

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