Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Just a bit ago I did something I wasn't sure I'd ever do.  I watched a 3D movie!  And, dangit, I liked it!!  Okay, I didn't watch the film (Disney's Tangled) in its entirety, but what I saw, I enjoyed. --- I've steered clear of films in 3D because I was certain that wearing the 3D glasses would give me a headache.  Well, I placed the glasses over my own prescription glasses and sat back to enjoy the incredible spectacle before me.  And incredible it was!  Of course, watching the film brought me back to my youth when everybody loved Fisher Price's View-Master toy.  I'm tellin' you, technology moves at a lightning pace and I'm only doing myself a disservice by fighting it!!!  So, no more fighting it.  Now that I've finally given in and purchased a smart phone, I might as well see 3D movies and eat more sushi!!!!!  Haaa!

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