Monday, April 23, 2012

Hug It Out

Several hours ago I was standing in the bathroom and heard a loud bang!  I immediately knew it was an automobile collision.  I went outside to investigate and sure enough, a car driven by a young woman had slammed into the side of a car driven by a young guy.  By the time I got outside, both of them were out of their cars and taking photos of the damage to their vehicles.  The young lady was weeping.  I walked over to them and both said it was their first collision.  She admitted that she was at fault.  She said her car was two weeks old.  And that it was the first car she had purchased with her own money.  Wow.  Before too long, her father and the young man's mother came onto the scene to offer their parental support.  Neither person was physically hurt, so that was good.

When all was said and done, I was happy that both parties were able to drive away from the collision.  Yes, emotionally, both of them were shaken up for a bit.  But I hope that they realize that their cars are only cars.  They can be fixed.  It made my heart jump for joy, though, that the young man and young woman might even become friends from this.  And I say this because I saw the young man do for the young lady precisely what I did for her within the first, two minutes of talking to her.  I HUGGED her!!!  Yep!  Sometimes a big, warm hug is just what the doctor orders to calm the nerves.  And you know what?  I fully intend to do it for everybody I encounter who appears to be in dire need of the same, tender, loving care!!!!!!

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