Sunday, May 6, 2012

Listen Up, Young Lady

One of my former, cater-waiter colleagues has yet again found herself placed on a catering company's Do Not Call list.  To my knowledge, this is the second or third company to tell her, "Don't call us, and we won't call you."  Truth be told, she's an incredibly hard worker and damn good at the cater-waiter thing.  However, her personality is very strong and very hard to stomach for too many folks.  In my humble opinion, one of the joys of cater-waitering is that the Captain and/or Party Supervisor is solely held responsible for the success of a party.  Meaning:  cater-waiters don't have to do a friggin' thing until they're told to do so.  This former colleague of mine, however, doesn't operate that way.  On her own accord, she assumes responsibility for everything at a party.  And that has annoyed the heck out of the vast majority of employees at many or all of the catering companies she's worked for.  It's been brought to my attention that she's now living back at home with her elderly mother because she can't afford to live alone any longer.  She has also reached out for assistance to stop her car from being repossessed.  I heard today that it was eventually taken, but she might have been able to get it back.

This friend has been on antidrepressant medication before.  Heck, she might still be.  My advice to her would simply be what I'm sure I've told her at some point in the past:  just show up at a party and do what you're told.  Period.  She's not curing AIDS or cancer or any other life-threatening ailment.  She's making coffee and serving food!  Geez!  I wish her the best.  Honestly, I do.  'Cause she's an incredible worker.  I just hope & pray she isn't thinking the world is out to get her.  I hope she sits somewhere in silence---alone---and accepts full responsibility for her role in her current situation.  Years ago, while working a catering gig with her, I made one of the most flippant and intentionally hurtful comments to her that I've ever made.  She was on my case about not being able to open a bottle of champagne quietly.  When I was tired of her jibing, I rudely said, "I'm glad you're really good at this, 'cause this is the end of the line for you."  Well, The Universe has gotten the last laugh on me for making that comment.  'Cause she's been canned from any number of catering companies, and I'm STILL earning the bulk of my yearly income from catering.  Today, though, I must admit, I opened at least two bottles of champagne and I heard the cork pop every, single time!!!  Damn her!!!  :-)

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