Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brother To Brother

This photo moves me beyond description.  I hope and pray one day, all my brown brothers will recognize the power of extending a helping hand to those who fall down.  'Cause sometimes, all a brother needs to stand tall is another brother's helping hand. 

I've Got Work To Do

It's 5:14 AM and I'm still wide awake.  I've been fooling around on Facebook and  working on a short film script.  Okay, so the former sucked up more of my time than the latter, but that's gotta end NOW!  I have to get this short film script written pronto!  No, I don't have someone waiting for me to complete it.  I just have my word to myself that I'd get it written.  And if I can't hold myself accountable for upholding my word to myself, I'm in some serious trouble!  Heck, I just read a terrific blog post by my friend, Brian Durkin, and his words make me wanna stop doing EVERYTHING until I get my script written.  Truth be told, if I ever expect to live the life I was destined to live, I've got WORK TO DO!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mirror Talk

If I listened to the outside world, I would believe my life has no meaning.  That I haven't accomplished anything.  That I'm living below my potential.  What I know for sure is that I treat people the way I want to be treated.  That I share my knowledge with the single intention of enlightening its recipient.  That regardless of my bank account status I volunteer my time and energy to assist others.  No, I don't have the money I'd like to have; which is the reason I don't travel to visit all the people I'd like to visit.  Well, I don't have it now.  But...when I am blessed to awaken each morning, I look into the mirror and truly feel that I love the man looking back at me...JUST THE WAY HE IS!!!!

Wallflower At The Orgy

Yesterday marked the end of an era.  The Nora Ephron era.  What a whip-smart, insightful and talented woman.  I truly didn't know much about her until I saw her on The Oprah Winfrey Show, discussing aging brilliantly.  Since then, I've watched interviews with her and intend to read her books.  I'd better get to it, though, because she was a huge advocate for doing what you want to do NOW, because "later" may never come.

God bless her soul.  And may it forever rest in peace.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Classy Lady

When I arrived at my volunteer gig with the elderly today, I met a new resident who took my breath away.  I was first knocked out because she's black.  The residence has virtually NO black folks.  Including her, I think there are now three.  The other two are females, too.  Anyway, I first noticed her when she showed up for exercise class this morning.  She was elegantly attired for a workout and carried herself in such a refined way.  I didn't introduce myself to her during exercise class because I was too busy running around, aiding those who needed one-on-one instruction.  However, when it came to lunch time, I got my chance to talk to her.  She actually didn't show up for lunch until it was over. I just happened to be still sitting in the dining room, talking with another resident when I saw her sit down and order some food.  When I glanced her way only a short while later, she was exiting the dining room.  I knew she couldn't have eaten that fast, so I stopped her and asked her why she was leaving so quickly.  She told me she didn't care for Lox & Bagels.  I escorted her right back to a table and told her we'd order something else.  I told a couple of waitresses to bring her grilled salmon and steamed broccoli instead.  I have to admit, she was very short with the waitresses, so I'm glad I was there to smooth things over.  Anyway, she got the meal I ordered for her and she seemed really happy.  She told me she's from Chicago and that her husband and one of her sons had died.  She said she has a son in Burbank who persuaded her to move out here to Cali.  Truth be told, I think she's probably afflicted with dementia.  She complimented me on my attitude and kindness.  It's always great to hear those kinds of thoughts about me from others.  I look forward to learning more about her.  And I hope to meet her son soon.  I'm really verrrrry interested in hearing what he has to say about her.  What a class act! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weight A Minute

Yesterday I went in for my usual, physical checkup.  My blood pressure was a terrific 115 over 78.  My blood pressure readings have consistently been pretty good.  It's my weight that knocked me for a loop.  Back in my teens, I was lucky to weigh 140 lbs.  In college, I don't think I weighed much more than that.  Well, fast-forward dang near 30 years and the 140 range is history.  The 160 range is history.  When I stepped onto the scale yesterday, it read 186 lbs!  Come again!!!!  186 lbs!  I was shocked!  I have never weighed that much in my life!  If I removed my clothing and shoes, I might have clocked in at 182 lbs or so.  I think.  Oh well.  I won't fret.  I remember the days when I used to hope and pray I was 180 lbs.  That number always seemed like such a great number to me.  I'm happy to be alive and well, so complain I won't.  But I still have to admit that my 186 lbs reading really surprised the heck out of me.  I've now gotta turn this new weight into lean, mean musculature!!  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heat Rises To The Top

I just returned from Buffalo Wild Wings in Baldwin Hills where I watched Game 4 of the NBA Finals.  The energy of the restaurant's crowd is off the charts!  Television screens everywhere.  And noise, noise, noise!!  Yeah, I can tell I'm getting older, 'cause all the stuff going on in that place was an affront to all my senses!!  Since I'm rooting for Miami Heat, it was a dang, festive evening.  yes, I was on edge several times tonight, but luckily, all's well that ended well!  As it stands, it's Miami with three wins and Oklahoma City with one.  Now, it's off to Oklahoma for Game 5.

Go, Heat!!!  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Knock It Off Already

Today is Monday and I haven't really accomplished a darn thing.  Not a darn thing.  I've been fooling around on Facebook the better part of the day!  And night!  Knock it off already!  It's PAST time for me to get to the business of doing what I love!!  I seriously don't think I have another 48 years on the other side of this 48.  Well, perhaps I'm on Facebook tonight so I could stumble across this quote from Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God book series.  But, as with all great quotes, it means NOTHING if I don't apply it to my life.  So, let me sign off Facebook until Saturday.  If I can pull that off, I'm a great one!

And, dang it, I AM a great one!!!!!  But dear God, please give me strength to  get to the end of my comfort zone and WRITE!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Charles Andrew Montgomery Sr

Harold Allen & Kai

Today is FATHER'S DAY and I wish my beloved, late father, CHARLES ANDREW MONTGOMERY SR, the Happiest Father's Day imaginable!!!  I hope and pray throughout my life's journey that I can pull from him all that made him GREAT.  And push away from me all that limited his GREATNESS.  He was a man worth emulating, that's for dang sure!!!!!!

I also wish all the men who possess his same, dark hue the HAPPIEST of FATHER'S DAY, too!!  After all, we're all in this crazy phenomenon called, life, TOGETHER!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

50 & Fierce!

Today, my beloved, New York City road dog, MICHAEL MORRIS, celebrated his 50th Birthday!  I was unable to attend his backyard bbq in Florida where he now resides, but boy, oh boy, was I there in spirit!  The man is truly the epitome of living life to the fullest!!!  Looking at his Facebook page is a whirlwind of birthday celebrations from NYC to DC to FL.  The man has people who love him all over the globe!  God bless him!  And God has blessed all of us who count him a friend.  The zest with which he lives his life is an inspiration to all.  I've GOTTA follow his lead.  Life is too precious and finite not to!!!!!

HAPPY 50th, MR. MICHAEL A. MORRIS!!!  And may you enjoy fifty MORE! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

True Artistry

Just sayin'...

Way Back When...

I received this pic today, taken at a Halloween party circa 2006 or so.  I've GOTTA get my pecs to look like that again!!  I've just GOTTA!  'Cause I don't wanna be ignored when a chick with a hellacious rack is in the same room!   :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunburn, Baby, Burn

A few days ago I was at the park, doing my usual workout routine.  Shirtless, of course!  Anyway, the next day I noticed something I haven't seen in ages: skin peeling off my shoulders.  Sunburn 101!!!  I was shocked!  I mean, I haven't burned since...well...since forever!  And, in all honesty, I've been living under a false assumption that dark skin like mine doesn't burn easily.  Well, suffice it to say that when I worked out today, I simply kept my friggin' shirt on!  I don't want anymore of my precious skin to be harmed like that.  I love the sun, God knows I do, but I don't wanna bake in it, then disappear 'cause my skin peels off!  Geez!

To treat peeling skin from sunburn, peep THIS!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End

Today marked the last day of one of my favorite gigs to work: E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).  The event lasts three days and brings together up to 50,000 folks who harbor an insane appreciation for video games!  Well, 49,999 folks.  'Cause I ain't one of the video game nerds enthusiasts!  However, I love, love, love working the event for Disney!  This year, I was the go-to guy for the redemption of a special freebie: Oswald ears hat with personalized, name embroidery!  We must have given out 4000 or more of those hats!  And they look nice, so I hope everybody who got one, loves 'em!

Because of my seemingly indefatigable energy, I was asked if I'd work another three-day gig in Atlanta two weeks from now.  Of course, I accepted the offer!  I haven't been on a plane since 2009, so it'll be nice just to fly somewhere else for a change.  And on somebody else's dime!  Haaa!  Anyway, it's back to reality now, but I'll always harbor fond memories of my three days of E3 bliss!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Johnnyswim Sings Swimmingly

The recent death of singing superstar, DONNA SUMMER, has prompted me to read her autobiography and listen to all songs Donna.  Well, I also stumbled across the music of her youngest daughter, AMANDA SUDANO-RAMIREZ.  The beautiful young lady, along with her husband, Abner, form a group called, JOHNNYSWIM.  And, goodness gracious, they sound good!!!!!  This little ditty, ANNIE, is my fave thus far!  I've gotta hear more!  Donna truly passed down some incredible, vocal genes!!!!

NoHo Park Gym Bunny

After waiting over a year, the residents of North Hollywood finally have our new, outdoor gym open for business!  Already, one of the pieces of equipment needs to be repaired, but that hasn't stopped the crowds from enjoying what's left!  I, for one, have heralded the coming of the new equipment for the past year or so, but find that I'd rather walk over to Woodbridge Park to use their equipment instead.  Why?  Because the pull-up bars at Woodbridge are more to my liking.  Well, today, I'm walkin' my butt over to the NoHo equipment and am determined to get a good workout in anyway!  Okay, the main reason I'm going to that one over Woodbridge is because I need to return a book to the NoHo Library which is right across the street!  So, NoHo Park, here I come!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

One Step At A Time

I'm beginning this week by slowly but surely ridding myself of activities that don't propel me toward living the life I KNOW I'm supposed to be living.  Some of those activities are to me like crack, crystal meth and alcohol are to drug addicts.  I CAN reach the heights of my destiny.  One step at a time.

Be Still

I sit in the church.  I truly/wholly/deeply hear his message.  I agree with it.  But applying it to my everyday life is the struggle.  I've gotta be still.  I've gotta take a deep breath.  And I've gotta pray/meditate on changing my life.  And the whole while I'm praying/meditating, I'm GONNA be saying, THANK YOU, Tour√© Roberts.

"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." --- Psalm 46:10

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mutant Zombies From Da Hood

All this talk in the news about zombie-like attacks is a little frightening.  First, Miami, then Maryland.  Every day there seems to be a new one.  All I've gotta say is, STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!  'Cause each and every one of these events seems to be drug related.  Say, 'No,' to drugs!!!